I started this project at the beginning of September 2010 and expect it to continue for at least 12 months so that I can photograph the Ridgeway in all seasons. My main reason for the project was simply to get me taking more photographs having had a long period of doing very little 'serious' photography.

The goal of the project is to walk the length of the Ridgeway between Liddington Castle and Streatley, taking photographs along the way showing the Ridgeway itself, the surrounding landscape and anything I think will make a good photograph. I'm not trying to create a guide to the Ridgeway or have any sort of theme to the photographs. They will be of just whatever I see at the time.

I'm putting a few restrictions on myself in terms of the equipment I'm using, the film I'm using and the final presentation of the images. This is to try and make sure there is at least some consistency to the photographs. For those interested in such things, all the photographs are taken on Ilford XP2 Super film developed in Paterson Aculux, using a Mamiya 645 1000s camera with either a 45mm, 80mm or 150mm lens.

To enquire about anything regarding this site, please contact me at 'ridgeway at peter-robinson.net' (replacing the 'at' with @).

Update - May 2011:
I've now walked my chosen section of the Ridgeway at least twice completely and parts of it several times more. The project is continuing though. I've also allowed myself to wander off the Ridgeway in a few areas and these are shown on the map as small detours.

I'm intending to put the best of the photographs in a book. I've already created a test book using Blurb and am now thinking about the final version which I'm aiming to complete by the end of the year.

Update - December 2011:
The book is on hold until I can find the time to complete it. In the mean time, I'm allowing the project to continue.

Update - September 2012:
The project is all but finished but I'm still having problems getting the book together...

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